Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ice Cream In a Tube

This past Thursday, I was sitting at my desk at school, lesson planning and surfing the Internet. Then it dawned on me: ice cream after school would be delicious! So I decided after 4:30pm rolled around I would pay a quick visit to my local convenience store and pick up an ice cream. I continued tweaking my powerpoint for Monday's lesson when one of the students from an afterschool class held in the English room came up to me and placed an ice cream on my desk! What brilliance! It was as if the student read my mind.

The packet seemed like a normal ice cream pack you would pick out of a case at a 7-11. But when I tore open the packaging I was greeted by something that looked like one of those Squeeze-its from my childhood. Unsure how to begin to eat this strange new frozen treat, I glanced over to see what the other kids were doing. Apparently, you just rip off the top and squeeze away! (Demonstration in the youtube video, which is both helpful and mildly disturbing.)

The flavor was chocolate almond - I think - and was quit tasty, really. Very much like very cold chocolate milk with a nutty twist. All in all a good experience. No mess, a delicious frozen snack - that's what a Papico is! I hope the US gets these soon, as they are both tasty AND highly efficient.

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