Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting My Dog Fix - Volunteering with KAPS

I miss my puppy at home so much. I miss going home and being able to cuddle and just hang out with my dog, Brie. I feel a little lonely in Korea without canine companionship, despite all of my lovely friends and my insanely busy schedule. But jet-setting and an active social life isn't conducive to having a dog of my own here in Korea. I also am unsure where I will head after Korea, so this even further complicates my having a dog. But I found a solution, one that provides me with plenty of puppy love and allows me to give my time to a good cause.
Brie and me at the Red River Gorge
Enter KAPS, Korean Animal Protection Society. There are 2 centers here in Daegu - right behind each other - one for dogs, one for cats. Trying to make good on my New Year's resolution to volunteer more in general and give more of my time to helping animals, I contacted the lovely people at KAPS and began giving some of my time to helping out these precious but homeless creatures. Volunteers can walk, groom, or just play with the dogs at the shelter. There are dogs of all breeds and sizes, from beautiful Golden Retrievers to tiny, adorable Maltese (and of course, a whole lot of Shih-tzus).

The shelter is open 7 days a week from 10am-7pm (but they are out for lunch from 1-2pm). The shelter needs volunteers for walking/grooming/playing, for donations (there is a wish list on the website and Facebook page), and especially for fostering. Fostering is a big commitment, as it isn't a temporary pet but a means to help nurse a dog back to health or teach a dog how to be a proper pet. The volunteer coordinators at the center are happy to meet with you if you think this would be your cup of tea. There are also other options if you are willing to give more time to bigger projects.

And if you think you are ready to commit to giving a dog or cat a forever home, please consider going to shelter to find your next best friend. The adoption and neutering/spaying fees are much cheaper with KAPS than they would be with a pet shop or regular vet! The majority of dogs are very sweet and very well-behaved (and many are trained!). Please consider these sweet animals for the next edition to your family.
This darling puppy is very sweet and full of energy! If I could take home a dog right now she would be mine in a heartbeat!
This Maltese clung to me immediately. His hair was grown completely over his eyes and he had a bit of an eye infection. But I cleaned him up some (this is a post cut picture) and gave him eye drops. When I went to the shelter on Wednesday he was gone! And now has a home with a Korean family. :)
This little baby is so sweet and now has a forever home with a Korean family!
Another Maltese at the shelter I took out and played with on Wednesday. He is very sweet and playful - always rolls on his back to get a tummy rub!
If you miss your pets from home or would just like to give your time to a good cause, head over to the Daemyoung Metro Stations (Red Line/Line 1, Exit 1) make a u-turn and walk for a minute - the shelter is on the left. The puppies would be very happy to see you!

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